Candi Matching Set


The epitome of modernism in one matching outfit. The beauty of this style is that you can wear this with comfy sandals to hangout, run errands or go for a walk in the daytime and at night you put on high heels and tuck in the top taut and you will be ready for dinner out. Either way you will look chic. Get both colors and thank us later.


Where to find each size chart

Individual size charts are located in the photo section of each product.

We buy from many factories, therefore each garment is distinctive.
Measurements, patterns and cutting are different for each product and these variants are determined by the factories. Therefore sizes vary from garment to garment. We provide you with size charts from the manufacturers which are unique to each garment. 


The Effective Way To Choosing The Perfect Size When Online Shopping

To choose a perfect fit/size simply use a tape measure to get the measurements a similar item of clothing that fits you well and compare those measurements to the size chart provided by our manufacturer. This will ensure that each garment you purchase will fit you to your liking.

Below is an illustration which shows how to perfectly measure different kinds of garments.




For further assistance in choosing the correct size, you may contact us at:


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