Zania Co-ord


A turn down collar and beautiful zebra print long sleeve shirt and matching high waist shorts. This co-ord is elegant and can be worn casual or dressed up with high heels and jewelry. The loose fit will keep you comfortable and looking classy. You can wear the top separately with white or black wide leg trousers and high heels. You can get so many cool looks with this 2 piece set.


Where to find each size chart

We buy from many manufactures, therefore each size chart is distinctive.

Individual size charts can be found in the photo section of each product.


The Effective Way To Choosing The Perfect Size When Online Shopping

Simply take measurements of a similar item of clothing that you own and fits you well then compare those measurements to the ones in the size chart we provide.

1. Lay the item on flat surface (table, floor). Use a measuring tape to take the measurements. See the illustration below as a guide.

2. Compare those measurements to the size chart provided in the photo section of the product you want to order.

3. Order the product with the most similar measurements.

This will ensure that each garment you purchase will fit you to your liking.

Below is an illustration which shows how to perfectly measure different kinds of garments.



For further assistance with choosing the correct size please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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