Do you open your closet and often feel like you have nothing to wear?
Or do you wear the same 5 outfits because you're bored of what's in your wardrobe?
Are you a career person looking to make your mark and look the part? 
To feel your best you have to look your best.  Your clothes should empower you and your style should be unique to your goals. Our Wardrobe and Personal Styling services will help you attain the image that you are trying to portray. 

We will do a thorough evaluation of your current wardrobe and explore ideas to help visualize your goals and define your style.  We will divide your wardrobe into sections that will help decide what to keep and what is needed. We will identify items that need alteration or restoration. We will give you tips on how to build a better wardrobe, create a shopping list and help you with your personal styling and outfit organization.
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