Wardrobe Styling Package


  • Personal Style Consultation
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Wardrobe Outfitting
  • Outfit Organization

This package includes a mix of Personal Styling sessions that will uplift your confidence and enhance your personal style in just a few hours! You will learn how to dress for your body shape, assess and declutter your wardrobe, and have the opportunity to find and add new pieces that will revamp your wardrobe.

We start off at your home with a Personal Style Consultation. Here we explore your current style and discuss your goals to define your desired style.

We then step into your wardrobe for the Wardrobe Consultation. Here we sort through items in your wardrobe, analyze quality and fit and figure out which items work for you and which items don’t. We identify what needs to be donated, what needs alterations and what needs to go to consignment. Then we make a shopping list of what items would help your wardrobe be more efficient. 

This Personal Style Package has a duration of 5 hours and is completed in 1 day.